About Us

My name is Cheryl and as a mother of three wonderful children I understand the need for QUALITY child care. For this reason my family and I decided to open our home to provide this much needed service. I am licensed by the State of Maine and am CPR and First Aid certified. I participate in the USDA food program which ensures the children are having their nutritional needs met while in my care. I believe in teaching through play and providing a comfortably structured environment. 

 I feel that education is found in a lot of the little things we do daily. I am sure to provide age appropriate educational experiences each and every day. The children participate in circle time daily through the school year. We sing songs, read, discuss the date, weather and DANCE! I also use basic American Sign Language for pre-verbal children. ASL aids young children to better communicate with the people in their lives, and will also expose the older children to a new language, not to mention the kiddos love to learn it! 

For children enrolled I offer a secret facebook page that only families of children currently enrolled can access.  This is a tool I use to keep all parents informed of lunch for the day,  the projects we make, dates to remember and most importantly...... some pictures through out the day so parents can rest easy their child is safe and happy! Through this web page I also have a monthly newsletter that keeps parents informed of closed days, Birthdays coming up and any other information that may be needed over the next month.

 You can also check our public Facebook page for more information and review's from some of our current and previous families!

If an educational, family, fun environment is what you are looking for please contact us today!
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